Customer Care

Satcom Direct Government Customer Care provides first-rate technical and business operations support.  Operating 24/7, our team is qualified to provide customer service and technical support across multiple satellite networks.

Satcom Direct Government, Inc

Tel: +1.571.599.3605 (worldwide)
Tel:   1.800.685.7898 (toll free number for North America)
Fax: +1.571.599.3670


What we can do for you
Our Customer Care can help you 24x7 with any services, terminals and solutions in the Satcom Direct Government portfolio:

  • Immediate and continuous customer support.
  • Technical support and troubleshooting.
  • Activation/deactivation or suspension/unsuspension of terminals and SIM cards.
  • Billing assistance: inquiries and referrals.
  • Guidance and tips.
  • Training on Satcom Direct Government products and solutions.